Seasonal Residential and Commercial Property Maintenance Philadelphia & Lower Bucks County, PA

Proper maintenance of the landscaping of your commercial property is not only important for curb appeal, but also the safety of your tenants and employees. When trying to manage rent payments, building repairs and the parking lot pavement upkeep it can become overwhelming to add lawncare responsibilities on top of everything. Parkyn Landscape & Hardscape LLC handles every aspect of your commercial property and landscape maintenance needs. Packages are available to fit your budget and commercial landscape upkeep needs. Our commercial property maintenance services are available for office buildings, apartment complexes, schools/day care centers, golf courses and more. Our office location is in Levittown, PA, we serve the surrounding communities in Bucks County PA, Philadelphia PA, Montgomery County PA, Chester County PA, Mercer County NJ and Burlington County NJ. Call 215-392-0866 for a commercial property landscape maintenance consultation today.

Parkyn Hardscape & Landscape Property Lawncare Maintenance Bucks County PA
Parkyn Landscape & Hardscape Commercial Property Maintenance Bucks County PA

Residential and Commercial Property Maintenance Services

Fall & Spring Cleanups: Seasonal landscape cleanups include leaf removal, mowing, pruning, protecting plants and clearing drainage areas of debris.

Overgrown Vegetation Removal: We will safely cut, clear and remove overgrown brushes, shrubs and weeds. Regular commercial landscape maintenance ensures vegetation does not result in problems with your land.

Land/Brush Clearing: If a plot of plant has not been used in some time, weeds, grasses and small trees will begin to take over the property. We’ll cut and remove all of the overgrown brush leaving you with a beautiful piece of land for development.

Field Mowing: We have the machinery to mow any acreage of land, pasture or farm that has become overgrown with high grass, weeds or vegetation that does not need to be uprooted and moved.

Stump Grinding: If you’ve recently removed trees on your commercial property, but are left with unsightly stumps, we can help! The grinder will rip the wood into tiny pieces to reduce the stump to chips and take it down to ground level.

Weekly/Bi-weekly Mowing: Depending on the growth of your grass and size of your property, we offer weekly or bi-weekly mowing services for our commercial clients.

Weed Control: We treat and protect your lawn to prevent weed infestations and ensure your grass remains green, vibrant and lush. Our treatment includes eco-friendly chemicals that kill the root at the source and stop future growth.

Junk Removal: We specialize in removing all types of debris from your property including branches, clippings, stumps, soil, sod, landscaping debris, fencing, firewood and more!

Trash Sweep: Our weekly trash sweep service includes trash and debris clean up from in and around flower beds, parking lots, lawns, playgrounds, etc. With this service, you can rest assured that your entire exterior will remain clean and beautiful for customers and residents.

Parkyn Landscape and Hardware LLC is available for all your commercial property landscape maintenance needs. Whether you need a one-time weed control service or you want to sign up for weekly mowing, we offer budget friendly plans for your business. Call 215-392-0866 to discuss your landscape needs and some of our options.