Native Pennsylvania Summer Shade Trees

Best Summer Shade Trees to Beat the PA Heat

Parkyn Landscape & Hardscape Summer Shade Trees to Plant in PennsylvaniaThere are so many reasons for Bucks County & Philadelphia homeowners to invest in planting trees in their yard. Not only do trees increase property value, but they clean the air, slow water runoff, buffer noise pollution and provide shade from the hot summer sun. The best summer shade trees to plant in Pennsylvania must be able to adapt to the climate, show good drought resistant and hold up against mildew, insects and disease. Parkyn Landscape & Hardscape LLC provides residential & commercial grounds care and landscaping in Philadelphia & Lower Bucks County, PA. If you want to invest in tree installation, below are 6 great summer shade tree options for our specific environment.

6 Great Summer Shade Trees to Plant in Pennsylvania

Tulip Poplars: This is a beautiful blooming shade tree that can grow quite tall. The trunk can reach 4’ – 6’ in diameter and max out at 90 – 150’ feet tall! They prefer full sun and medium water but can tolerate a little shade.

Autumn Blaze Maple Trees: The brilliant red color is a showstopper; it will definitely become the focal piece on your yard! This maple is very fast growing and disease resistant.

Purple Autumn Ash Trees: If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your landscape, this is a great option. The tiny dark green leaves turn a unique shade of dark purple when the summer season cools to autumn.

Red Oak: Native to Pennsylvania, the red oak is extremely strong and hardy. It can withstand wildlife & human interaction, as well as diseases. They should be planted in acidic soil. Investing in pruning is extremely important to maintain structural integrity & health.

River Birch: These trees thrive when near a water source and can tolerate the blistering summer heat as well as the frigid winter months. It can grow to about 60 feet tall and 40 feet wide.

Yellow Wood Tree: If you’re looking for a smaller tree option, the yellow wood tree is perfect. It does take several years to grow to maturity, but it’s definitely worth the wait!

Hire Professional Landscapers for Tree Installation

If you’re ready to invest in tree installation for your Philadelphia & Lower Bucks County, PA property, call the experts at Parkyn Landscape & Hardscape LLC. We provide a range of landscape & hardscape services including sod/seed installation, stormwater management, land grading, hedge trimming, decorate stone installation & more. Call 215-392-0866 to discuss your landscaping project today!

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